Assessment of the Trade Relationship between the UK, EU and African Countries

Clinic: Kenyatta University, Fall 2019

Beneficiary: IISD

Executive Summary

(Full Report available here)

This paper conducts an analysis of the trade relations that have been in existence between the UK, EU and ACP states. It provides a brief background on the interdependence of UK and EU, in trade by looking at the value of exports and imports exchanged between them and in terms of financial contribution to be channeled into different economic sectors and courses. One of these courses includes financial aid to ACP countries. The paper provides a summary of how these ACP countries have been negotiating EPAs with the aim of boosting trade between the EU and themselves and also ensuring sustainability in this endeavor. However, with the UK leaving the EU, several uncertainties are identified and bring up the question whether the objective of sustainable development in these countries through trade can still be obtained by ratifying EPAs with the EU regardless. Specifically, the paper analysis the value of goods traded by the EAC bloc. Kenya is the largest member of EAC in terms of contribution to EAC GDP and a member of commonwealth countries. The paper observes and recommends that as much as the EU is a vital trading partner to the EAC bloc and Kenya, the terms of EPAs should be well negotiated especially in favor of the latter who have been experiencing constant trade deficits from the relation. It also encourages bilateral agreements between EU states, UK and African states for optimal trade gains rather than unidirectional trade benefits. Moreover, it forms a sound basis to advocate for AfCFTA which aims at progressively lowering the high tariffs that African producers who export goods to Africa face, in order to encourage intra-Africa trade.

Full Report available here

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