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Alternative Trade Measures to High Tariffs to Protect a Country’s Manufacturing Sector

Clinic: UWI, Spring 2019

Short Summary

(Summary of a Confidential project for a Government Entity)*

This memorandum seeks to provide an overview and analysis of the alternative options available to a Government in relation to the high tariffs that are currently in place for the manufacturing sector. This memorandum analyzes the numerous aids and defences provided for small developing countries under the WTO and GATT 1994 framework and provides policy recommendations, taking into account the cross-sectoral political, economic and legal factors.

The policy recommendations are classified as either “institutional” or “strategic” alternatives with a further subcategorization of pre- and post-accession measures. For purposes of this memorandum, institutional alternatives are conventional measures that are available to a government, while strategic alternatives point to the reconciliation of ends and means across the various sectoral interests being pursued by a government.

The alternatives presented here are also listed from the most to least feasible alternatives. Most feasible alternatives identify measures that are easily achievable with immediate effects, whereas the least feasible alternatives identify measures that require longer term planning, and changes of a legal, infrastructural or behavioral nature.

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