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Georgetown Law Projects of Spring 2019

During the spring semester of 2019, student teams from the Georgetown Law practicum worked on six unique projects for various beneficiaries and were supervised by Professors Jennifer Hillman, Katrin Kuhlmann and Joost Pauwelyn. The projects involved a wide range of topics and output: 1. Drafting a Reference Guide for United Social Ventures analyzing legal issues facing social entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Left to right: Professor Kuhlmann, Ochbayar Enkhbat, Xiaoyu Jiang, Nelson Guillot, Profoessors Hillman and Pauwelyn

2. Providing a UK-based organization with a guide to essential elements required in a modern and inclusive trade treaty-making process.

Students making a presentation on the project (above)

3. A comprehensive compliance report for BitMal on establishing a socially-oriented cryptocurrency platform.

Left to right: Professor Kuhlmann, Tara Francis, Hongye Mao, Cameron Peek and Professor Hillman

4. Assisting Country A with its WTO Notifications and Market Access commitments [1]

Students making a presentation on the confidential project (above)

5. Drawing up a remedies framework for the new WTO Fisheries Subsidies Regime for Pew Charitable Trusts

Left to right: Professor Pauwelyn, Geoffrey Curfman, Matthew Pereira, Chun Hing Chau and Professor Hillman

6. An Approach Document for a confidential beneficiary to assist with negotiating economic integration agreements with developing countries and least-developed countries [1]

Left to right: Professors Kuhlmann and Hillman, Yijing Zhu, Shhiva Rajendran and Professor Pauwelyn

[1] Description has been kept brief due to the confidentiality requirements of the project.