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Book Release

Building Legal Capacity for a More Inclusive Globalization

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TradeLab announces the release of a new book edited by Joost Pauwelyn and Mengyi Wang. The book, entitled "Building Legal Capacity for a More Inclusive Globalization: Barriers to and Best Practices for Integrating Developing Countries into Global Economic Regulation", is published by The Graduate Institute, Geneva.

The book chapters examine capacity constraints and capacity building efforts in international economic law, focusing specifically on the obstacles and opportunities for small stakeholders to fruitfully participate in the negotiation, implementation and enforcement of trade and investment treaties. Professor Joost Pauwelyn (Co-Founder & current President of TradeLab) and Dr Theresa Carpenter (Executive Director, Centre for Trade and Economic Integration at The Graduate Institute) discuss in Chapter 6 the role of TradeLab in capacity building, which is democratizing both legal education and the legal profession in the field of international economic law and policy, by spreading awareness, learning and expertise beyond a handful of highly specialized universities and law firms. The authors also assess the effectiveness and ongoing challenging of TradeLab – scoping and scaling – and lays out objectives for the future of TradeLab.

All contributors to this book have played key roles in awareness and capacity building around the globe over the past decade. Analytically rigorous and empirically grounded, the book covers cross-cutting observations (trade and investment negotiation), sector-specific analysis (agri-food sector), notable existing and proposed capacity initiatives (TradeLab, the ACWL, and an investment law counterpart of the ACWL), and comparative case studies (China, India, African LDCs, and Arab countries).

Putting their money where their mouth is, the editors and contributors decided to self-publish the book via the Graduate Institute, on, which now makes the paperback version available at the very accessible price of $6.59. A Kindle version is also available.

*The book was made possible thanks to the NPRP grant # [NPRP 7-1815-5-272] from QNRF (a member of Qatar Foundation). The statements made in this issueare solely the responsibility of the authors.

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