Student Presentations by Joint uOttawa-Queen's Practicum

The uOttawa-Queen's Practicum is a legal clinic that is run jointly by the the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and Queen's University Faculty of Law.

Students present the results of their research at joint sessions held by the Practicum. The first session was held at Queen’s University, and the second joint session took place at the University of Ottawa.

Presentations were given in English and French and covered services negotiations, investment chapters in Free Trade Agreements, enforcement of awards of a multilateral investment court, and how technology can facilitate user engagement with trade agreements. The students were very engaged and enjoyed the opportunity to share information and experiences with students from their “sister” school.

Academic Supervisor, Wolfgang Alschner, along with practicum students (above).

Academic Supervisor, Anthony VanDuzer, along with practicum students (above).

Students presenting the results of their research and findings (above).

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