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Testimonial by UIBE Student - Wenhui Zhou

Student: Wenhui Zhou

Clinic: UIBE, Pilot Clinic, 2018

Project: Concerns regarding the WTO Dispute Settlement System: Analysis and Response

Beneficiary: Confidential

"The TradeLab Clinic course has provided us with plenty of chances to get ourselves improved in all aspects. During this four-month course, we have enhanced the skills in legal study, writing, teamwork and the further reflection of WTO law. Moreover, in this course, we were faced with the urgent issues in the real world, and we have learned to analyze the issues from a realistic perspective. All this can never be learned from the books. The TradeLab Clinic course helped me become more prepared for the future work and study and I am really appreciated that I could become a member of the TradeLab Clinic project."

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