Testimonial by UIBE Student - Jiaqi Liu

Student: Jiaqi Liu

Clinic: UIBE, Pilot Clinic, 2018

Project: Concerns regarding the WTO Dispute Settlement System: Analysis and Response

Beneficiary: Confidential

"The TradeLab course gave us the opportunity to conduct legal research on cutting-edge issues in WTO law under the guidance of experienced professor supervisors. During the research process, we worked together to go through a large amount of papers and literatures, hold meetings and discussions each week, and complete writing assignments every other week. This is a precious experience and we enjoyed the whole learning process while steeling ourselves. Through analyzing the issues on beneficiary’s position, I practiced the problem-oriented method, gained both academic and practical insights and sharpen the legal research skills. When our final report was well recognized by the beneficiary, we confirmed the value of our work and gained a strong sense of accomplishment."

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