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Testimonial by the Permanent Delegation of the African Union to the UN and WTO

Beneficiary: Permanent Delegation of the African Union to the UN & WTO, AU Coordinator & Representative of Rwanda to the WTO

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2017-2018

Project: What Holds African LDC Exports Back? Translating Global Trade Alert Data Into A Positive Trade Agenda For Africa (Read here)

“With this brief note, I wish to share my experience in collaborating with TradeLab. The collaboration was initiated when Rwanda was coordinator of the African Group in the lead up to the Buenos Aires WTO 11th Ministerial Conference (MC11 scheduled in December 2017); and hence I did not have much time to collaborate fully given the bulk of my time was devoted to coordinating the African Group at that very busy time. This said, the experience was relatively successful for two reasons. One, we (including some of my colleagues) were familiarized with the analytical tool indicating the market access problems facing African LDCs in various markets. The tool is well elaborated and can serve to propose negotiating positions in the interest of African LDCs. Second, following the MC11, we conducted a meeting with TradeLab in early 2018 to actually discuss the kind of elements we can prioritize in framing those positions. I therefore look forward to continuing this collaboration particularly as time can currently allow an in-depth collaboration/undertaking as we experience a dormant WTO.”

Edouard Bizumuremyi
Commercial Attaché
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Rwanda