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Testimonial by Executive Director, International Trade Center

Beneficiary: International Trade Center

Clinic: uOttawa-Queen’s Joint Clinic, 2017-2018

Projects: Trade and Gender; Trade and Gender in Public Procurement (Read here)

“TradeLab has been useful to us in the International Trade our work on women’s economic empowerment. At the WTO Ministerial Conference in December 2017, more than 120 members signed the Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade committing to act to improve the participation of women in international trade. A key deliverable of the Declaration is to share best practices among members. Thanks to TradeLab students – Dora, Lisa, Sama, Felix, Katrina and Laura – we now have a great set of case studies on how countries are empowering women economically.The two Trade Lab reports on women in public procurement and women in trade agreements from the University of Ottawa and Queens University provide relevant background and content for this endeavour. Thanks, TradeLab, for helping us connect knowledge to action”

- Arancha González

Executive Director

International Trade Center