Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Manu Sanan

Student: Manu Sanan

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2014-2015

Project: The consistency of capital flow regulation under the US Model BIT, 2012 vis à vis the IMF and the WTO (Confidential)

Beneficiary: Confidential

“I participated in the trade law clinic in 2014, as student at the MIDS Geneva, and was quickly drawn into a most stimulating study of capital flow measures across various international legal frameworks (the WTO, the IMF and investment treaties). While fulfilling the mandate was certainly a challenge, my research on international economic law had discovered newer dimensions by the end of it. For instance, I had to probe recesses of international monetary law, which was remarkably novel. I remember the period as being intense, with a steep learning curve and revealing insights. Needless to say, it was all only possible due to dedicated facilitators who ran the clinic professionally and the enriching guidance of Prof. Pauwelyn and our beneficiary. While our project and its impact remains confidential, it considerably advanced my understanding of international economic law - something I continue to build on as a disputes associate at Curtis, where I presently work. I would happily do it again!”

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