Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Irina Chicu

Student: Irina Chicu

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2016-2017

Project: Defining and Defending Country X’s Interests in WTO and Plurilateral Negotiations on Fisheries Subsidies (Read here)

Beneficiary: Confidential

“I took part in the International Economic Law Clinic of the Graduate Institute Geneva in the Autumn of 2016. Being an International Law master student, I saw this project as a rare and exciting opportunity to broaden my knowledge and acquire experience in this area which was still new but very intriguing for me – Economic Law. I was not disappointed in my expectations. It was an intensive and rewarding process of conducting research, communicating with the beneficiary, drafting a report, receiving feedback from experts and presenting our work to different audiences.

I worked on a project related to Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations. Our beneficiary was a developing country trying to gather the necessary information in order to define its position regarding this critical topic. Our report proved to be useful not only for our beneficiary, as we presented some of our findings to a reunion of the African Group at the WTO and published a modified version of our report on the Trade Lab portal.

At the moment, I just finished an internship at the WTO and can say that Trade Lab played a significant role in my growth as a young professional. I learned new skills and got more confidence in my abilities. I am on track to my dream career.”

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