Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Ilias Pnevmonidis

Student: Ilias Pnevmonidis

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2010-2011

Project: Treatment and Monitoring of the EU and USA Emissions Trading Systems Under the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures of the WTO (Read here)

Beneficiary: Japanese Mission to the WTO

“For me it was probably the most interesting class I followed during my 2 years as a Masters student of the Graduate Institute and I felt grateful that Prof. Pauwelyn had chosen me to participate at the clinic. I really enjoyed the practical approach of the clinic i.e. the fact that we needed to get in the shoes of a law practitioner in order to provide a realistic solution to a project. Since we had the opportunity to work with the Permanent Mission of a WTO member, I found also very interesting the interactions we had with the diplomats involved in the project and their multifaceted insights (politics, global economic situation etc.) to the implementation/interpretation of the law. Finally, it was a great exercise of developing legal drafting skills, an exercise frequently not available to the students of many universities in continental Europe.”

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