Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Hsien Wu

Student: Hsien Wu

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2013-2014

Project: Land Expropriation: General International Law and Potential WTO Complaint (Confidential)

Beneficiary: Confidential

“I participated in the Graduate Institute Clinic in the Autumn Semester of the 2013 Academic Year when pursuing a Master degree, working with two colleagues on a legal research paper on international law issues related to land expropriation (the report is fully confidential).

Participation in the Clinic is a unique and fruitful experience. It is “unique” in that this is the first instance in my study career where I must engage a research project bearing in mind the beneficiary’s objectives and the relevant factual backgrounds that gave rise to the project – an educational environment that can hardly be produced in a normal lecture. This new perspective opened my eyes to the world of legal service, where my expertise should be utilized in a way that contributes to the true needs of my beneficiary. In addition, I consider the overall experience to be “fruitful” because throughout the course, I was able to hone basic skills that will be useful in future legal research and practice, such as legal writing, oral presentation, interaction with the beneficiary and project management. In sum, the Clinic provides a rare opportunity for me to enhance my overall competence as a legal professional within a short period of time (one semester). It is due to the legal insights and skills gained through the Clinic that I was able to successfully apply to the PhD in International Law program at the Graduate Institute.

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