Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Hamid Nojehdeh

Student: Hamid Gholizadeh Nojehdeh

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2017-2018

Project: Fisheries Subsidies: Buenos Aires & Beyond (Read here)

Beneficiary: Confidential

“For me it was a very unique experience. As an Iranian student I found Trade Lab a great opportunity to get involved in international trade, especially with the WTO related projects since my country is not a member state yet. You have to develop your academic knowledge and learn how to actually use it in the real cases and ongoing international projects.

The clinic offers students the chance to work with other people such as students with different academic backgrounds as well as professional practitioners, diplomats and well-known academics in the field of economics, trade and investment law.

In our project, we assisted a beneficiary, that was involved in an important ongoing International negotiation, with different tasks which we were asked to do. We learned that how the real negotiations develop from the beginning to the end and what are the most important legal and political concerns of the parties.

The outcome was amazing especially when we realized that our job actually helped the beneficiary to make the important decisions in the negotiations.

Finally, mentioning Trade Lab in your CV is very prestigious and of a high value and for me, it helped me to get admitted to Ph.D. program in International Trade and Investment Law.

I highly recommend and encourage every student to do it.”

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