Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Charalampos Giannakopoulos

Student: Charalampos Giannakopoulos

Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2013-2014

Project: Land Expropriation: General International Law and Potential WTO Complaint (Confidential)

Beneficiary: Confidential

“I was involved in the Trade and Investment Law Clinic at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Along with two other students we were tasked with drafting a court submission and with plotting a legal strategy to maximize the beneficiary’s chances of success in the event of litigation. Some time after completing our task, we found out that the beneficiary donated a considerable sum of money to the Institute’s clinic course as an expression of gratitude.

Participating in the clinic was an immensely useful experience; often challenging but ultimately rewarding. There were several benefits from doing the project in terms of developing one’s skills, all of which have made a difference in my professional path later on. The biggest benefits for me personally were, the fact that the clinic was a good opportunity to experience how working as a legal adviser is like, and the opportunity to follow a training session on public speaking from a professional in the field. Last but not least, completing the project gave me a sense of fulfillment in knowing that my work may have helped someone else achieve their goals.

Having had the experience, I truly believe that clinical courses should be included in all law school curricula. I would happily see their role as an educational tool expanded even further in the future.”

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