Testimonial by Georgetown Law Student - Victor Crochet

Student: Victor Crochet

Clinic: Georgetown University Law Clinic, 2015-2016

Project: Continental Free Trade Area: Dispute Settlement Mechanism (Read here)

Beneficiary: African Union

“During the clinic, I worked hand in hand with students from Trapca to assist the African Union in drafting the dispute settlement chapter of the Continental Free Trade Area. The CFTA was signed in early 2018 and took up part of our recommendations. While our recommendations had been quite ambitious and not all followed by the African Union, I hope to believe that our assistance and expertise was incremental in helping the negotiators understand the importance and ramifications of the dispute settlement chapter of any trade agreement.

From a personal point of view, the clinic was a stepping stone in my formation and in my career. It taught me much more than any internship could have due to the high level of responsibilities we were granted. It was, as a student, my first chance to have direct contact with a client and to decide the orientation of the project (although sometimes under the strict supervision of Prof. Pauwelyn). From a career point of view, I have been able to use this project as a witness of my work when I was first looking for a job. Now, a few years later in my career, it has helped build a network of relationships across the African continent.”

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