Testimonial by Georgetown Law Student - Maria Abregu

Student: Maria Abregu

Clinic: Georgetown Law Clinic, 2017-2018

Project: A Digital Agenda for the Pacific Alliance (Read here)

Beneficiary: Embassy of Chile

“I believe the TradeLab clinic is a very enriching experience for both the participants and the beneficiary. Personally, it has allowed me to put in practice what I had already learned from the books into a real project. The project was aimed at developing a Digital Agenda for the Pacific Alliance. While the Pacific Alliance already had established the objectives for a digital agenda, it did not have the resources to develop it. Additionally, the Pacific Alliance was looking to identify the top priorities, and implement an action plan in the short-term, that would have an impact in people's life. Throughout the clinic, we worked closely with the beneficiary and experts to bring tangible and short-term solutions for the Pacific Alliance. I believe the Pacific Alliance greatly benefited from the TradeLab clinic work, since by the end of the project, they obtained a tailored proposal of next steps and priorities that would help them achieve their objectives. On a personal level, the TradeLab clinic allowed me to gain experience in matters of digital trade, e-government, data flow and data protection and digital services. As a lawyer specialized in international trade, and currently doing an internship at the WTO, this experience has proven to be very helpful for the development of my career.”

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