Testimonial by Georgetown Law Student - Trung Nguyen

Student: Trung Nguyen

Clinic: Georgetown Law Clinic, 2017-2018

Project: Migration Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements: Evolutions and Trends (Read here)

Beneficiary: World Bank

“What I found most impressive about this course was its engaging methodology to solve real-life issue, which are distinctive and much more interactive comparing to any course I have taken in the curriculum. It offered us a chance to work as real lawyers offering legal advices to real clients and to make sure that our result were not only academically correct but also practical. These experiences have helped me tremendously in improving my research capacity as well as planning skill to tackle more challenging task in my day job.

Through this Project, not only did I learn so much about the legal practices but also made many new friends, which we still keep in touch after the Project has ended.

Thank you TradeLab and Georgetown for a wonderful experience.”

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