Testimonial by COOMERSA, Colombia

Beneficiary: COOMERSA (Cooperative of raw sugar producers, Salamina, Colombia)

Clinic: IELPO Clinic, 2016 - 2017

Project: Building an Export Strategy for COOMERSA (Read here)

“It has been a very enriching experience for COOMERSA and MOLIENDA REAL being part of this important initiative, as it allows small companies to enter into specialized markets that generate added value as well as fair and stable prices, so that small producers can overcome the existing burden in our country where trade in agricultural products has always been a barrier for the development of the sector.

On behalf of MOLIENDA REAL and the small panela producers associated with COOMERSA, I hereby express our most sincere appreciation for this wonderful initiative as it allows us to take a step further in the strengthening of our sector and it constitutes an excellent possibility to improve our living standards through our productive units. I hope the program will be strengthened so as to continue supporting more organizations in our country, in addition to the experience that it represents for the students who are part of the team, since the research and work with the associations will allow them to put their knowledge into practice. “

Carlos Augusto Zapata Cortes

Organic Program Coordinator, COOMERSA