COOMERSA delighted with export strategy

A group of students enrolled in the TradeLab clinic at IELPO, University of Barcelona in 2017, worked on TradeLab’s first memorandum in Spanish for COOMERSA, a cooperative of raw sugar producers based in Salamina, Colombia. At the request of COOMERSA, the students conducted a detailed analysis of its business structure, operations, marketing methods and compliance with Colombian domestic regulation. In addition, the students devised an effective export strategy for COOMERSA. Relying on the comprehensive report to sell their product in international markets in a manner compliant with WTO and international trade laws, COOMERSA successfully exported the product in December 2017 and is now being sold in international markets for the very first time!

Beneficiary Testimonial

"It has been a very enriching experience for COOMERSA and MOLIENDA REAL being part of this important initiative, as it allows small companies to enter into specialized markets that generate added value as well as fair and stable prices, so that small producers can overcome the existing burden in our country where trade in agricultural products has always been a barrier for the development of the sector."

Carlos Augusto Zapata Cortes,

Organic Program Coordinator, COOMERSA

Read the report here.

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