Testimonial by Graduate Institute Student - Panagiotis Kyriakou

September 18, 2018

Student: Panagiotis Kyriakou


Clinic: Graduate Institute Clinic, 2015-2016


Project: About Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures on Certain products from Country X (Confidential)


Beneficiary: Government of a developing country



“As a student at the Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement, I had the pleasure of forming part of a team of students who assisted a developing country in challenging anti-dumping and countervailing duties before the WTO. Working in close cooperation with a law firm and indirectly with the complainant, the team produced a written memo analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of possible arguments, as well as the state of relevant jurisprudence and literature pertinent to the disputed matters. The final output provided useful insight and significantly reduced the beneficiary’s legal costs and administrative burden, allowing it to better present its case before the WTO panel. The case is currently pending before the Appellate Body, and if successful, it will greatly benefit the developing country’s exports in a particular industry.”

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