A video on how TradeLab works with a message from our Founder

July 5, 2018

Want to learn about TradeLab and the work we do?


Watch this video with a brief about TradeLab from Joost Pauwelyn, Co-Founder of TradeLab and Professor of International Law, Graduate Institute of International and Developmental Studies (IHEID), Geneva. The video also shares testimonials from alumni of the Graduate Institute Clinic and beneficiary experience as well!



 Order of Speakers in the video:

  1.  Professor Joost Pauwelyn, Co-Founder of  TradeLab and Academic Supervisor, Graduate Institute TradeLab Clinic and Georgetown Law Practicum

  2. Yvan Rwananga, Graduate Institute TradeLab Clinic Alumni, 2016 (0:41)

  3. Somil Kumar, Graduate Institute Alumni (1:07)

  4. Michael Kleiner, Economic Development Officer, Canton de Geneva, Beneficiary - 'A "Digital" Geneva Convention to Protect Cyberspace?' (1:24)

  5. Harshit Malik, Graduate Institute TradeLab Clinic Alumni, 2017 (1:56)

  6. Adithi Prasanna Koushik, Graduate Institute TradeLab Clinic Alumni, 2017 (2:19)




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