Latest Projects from the uOttawa-Queen's Joint Clinic

Have you read the latest projects from the uOttawa-Queen's Joint Clinic?

Reform of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System

The uOttawa students of the uOttawa-Queen's Joint Clinic carried out two projects for Global Affairs Canada related to the UNCITRAL Working Group III on Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform.

Both projects undertaken by the uOttawa-Queen's Joint Clinic are focused on the threshold question under discussion in UNCITRAL Working Group III: whether investor-state awards have been inconsistent, and whether the ISDS system is inconsistent and incoherent, as alleged by critics.

The first project provides a roadmap for examination of whether there is inconsistency of investor-state awards and if so, why? You can read more here.

The second project, our first in French, provides a case study of the investor-state awards on the National Treatment principle. Read more about the first French memorandum here.

Trade and Gender

The uOttawa-Queen's Joint Clinic also carried out two projects on Trade and Gender for the International Trade Center (ITC), Geneva.

The Queen’s project focuses on the enhancement of women entrepreneurs’ participation in public procurement. It examines public procurement models and tools used in a number of countries with a view to assessing their strengths and weaknesses for promoting bidder diversity and inclusivity of specific groups. Read more here.

The uOttawa project is dedicated to helping remove barriers for women’s economic empowerment and increase their participation in trade. It includes a “stocktaking” of governments’ best practices for gender-inclusive trade policies and gender-mainstreaming approaches for small business, including laws, regulations, and trade agreements. Read the project here.

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