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Building an Export Strategy for COOMERSA - Salamina

A customized report in Spanish for the COOMERSA, a cooperative of raw sugar producers based in Salamina, Caldas, Colombia. At the request of COOMERSA, the report indulges in a detailed analysis of its business structure, operation, marketing methods and its compliance with the Colombian domestic regulation. The due diligence report also includes an assessment of the Colombian export regime and the international standards applicable to COOMERSA in order to devise an effective export strategy. The final section of the report deals with the rules of the World Trade Organization and the applicable regulation included in the bilateral and plurilateral agreements entered into between Colombia and the European Union, Canada, and the United States.

Clinic: IELPO, Fall 2017

Beneficiary: COOMERSA

Executive Summary

The full report in Spanish can be accessed and downloaded here.

The present report is an executive summary of a legal memorandum produced for the International Economic Law Clinic of the University of Barcelona.

The practical relevance of the memorandum mentioned in the previous paragraph could be summarized by referring to a statement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia, per which the “panela” -a human consumption nourishment derived from sugarcane- producing industry, constitutes one of the main agricultural activities in the country.

COOMERSA, the recipient of this memo, is a non-profit legal entity that gathers the “panela” producers in Salamina, Caldas, Colombia. Due to the importance of its business activity in the Colombian economy, COOMERSA requested assistance to verify if its business structure, operation, production and marketing methods comply with the Colombian domestic regulation. In addition, COOMERSA was interested in knowing about the economic laws and regulation of specific markets (European Union, Canada, and the United States) to potentially build an export strategy of some of its products.

Accordingly, a corporative due diligence in the light of the Colombian legal system was performed. The analysis focused on the documentation pertaining the overall operative structure of COOMERSA as well as the environmental and sanitary licenses. The diligence amounted to conclude that the operational structure and methods of COOMERSA observe the Colombian domestic regulation. Additionally, the study comprised an analysis of the possibility of requesting an eventual trademark and protection by a designation of origin over the goods produced by COOMERSA.