TradeLab the NGO: New rules for membership

The TradeLab Articles of Association were amended by the General Assembly at the General Meeting held on November 30th, 2017. The key changes by way of the amendment are: 1. Membership of TradeLab is open only to participating institutions, i.e., the universities/centres that participate or want to participate in a legal clinic or practicum and become a part of the TradeLab network (art. 5). The current member institutions are:

  • Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service

  • Georgetown University in Qatar

  • Georgetown University Law Center

  • Graduate Institute's Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, Geneva

  • Jindal Global Law School

  • Queen’s University, Faculty of Law

  • Qatar University, College of Law

  • Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (TRAPCA)

  • University of Barcelona, IELPO

  • University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law

2. The General Assembly, the supreme power of TradeLab, is composed of its members, namely the participating institutions. Each member has the right to compose its own delegation and nominate a representative for voting purposes (art. 12). 3. The amended Articles of Association allow both Institutional and Academic Observers to attend the General Assembly and participate in non-confidential TradeLab activities (art. 10). 4. An Advisory Board is to be set up to provide strategic input on the functioning of TradeLab (art. 21).

The General Assembly also set up a new Executive Committee to manage the day-to-day affairs of TradeLab, comprised of the following (more details here):

  • Joost Pauwelyn (President)

  • Debra Steger (Vice-President)

  • Jennifer Hillman

  • Sergio Puig

  • Fadi Makki

  • Theresa Carpenter (Treasurer)

  • Sarah Mathew (Secretary)

If you have any questions about TradeLab or wish to join, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Committee.