Introduction *

This Negotiators’ Handbook aims at supporting government representatives during the process of negotiating new generation IIAs.

It is structured on a provision-by-provision basis, by reference to the standard provisions usually contained in investment agre...

This study seeks to improve our understanding of the relationship between response measures, economic diversification and international trade rules, and accordingly identify the positive opportunities that the current proliferation of regional and bilateral trade agree...

Executive Summary

This research paper analyses the current problem of frequent resort to trade remedies for environmental goods and makes recommendations to resolve this problem. Specifically it tries to examine the issue, whether the imposition of trade remedies (that...

Memorandum to UNCTAD 

Executive Summary

This is an abstract of a Memorandum to UNCTAD by Bahakal Yimer, Nicolas Cisneros, Laura Bisiani, Rahul Donde. The full work can be downloaded in pdf format here. 

This memorandum is the outcome of the research topic submitted by the...

Memorandum submitted to Mr. Sergey Ripinsky and Ms. Kendra Magraw, UNCTAD.

Executive Summary

There is a growing concern with regards to the significant losses of national tax revenues because of sophisticated tax planning by multinational enterprise (MNEs) aimed at shift...

This memorandum addresses the notion of consent to international investment arbitration and the possibility of the termination of such consent either by virtue of withdrawal from ICSID Convention or BITs. Through a detailed analysis of Articles 71 and 72 of the ICSID C...

Current state of law and identification of the basic criteria that counterclaims lodged by host States have to fulfil in order to be entertained by investment tribunals.

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