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On behalf of the joint International Trade and Investment Law Practicum at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University (“the Joint Clinic”), Simon Gollish, Andrew MacDonald, and Alina Smirnova (“the Team”) are grateful for the opportunity to work on a...

Executive Summary

(The full report can be read here)*

Trade agreements are often written in language that users cannot understand without guidance from trade experts. This language creates a knowledge-based trade barrier. The objective of this TradeLab project is to exp...


The economic globalization has facilitated commercial and economic integration, and has shortened geographic distances between countries. A couple of years ago, Colombian producers did not consider the possibility of exporting their products due to the large...

Executive Summary

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The UK´s exit from the European Union (EU) is not only the UK´s departure from the EU as a supranational organization, but also reflects a general rejection of the EU as a form of hyper-globalization manifested in the imbalance...

Non-Confidential Summary

The rationale for an investment protocol in the AfCFTA: How will it contribute to Africa’s sustainable development?


This confidential project is authored by Alex Etkin, Ece Melisa Celebican, and Wil Longard (University of Ottawa, Fa...

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to unpack the Digital Agenda of the Pacific Alliance (“PA”) in tangible and concrete top priorities. It seeks to help the PA learn best practices from other countries and organizations. It makes proposals and action plans...

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Executive Summary

This  memorandum  explores  the  viability  of  making  use  of  third-party  secretariat institutions  to  administer  state-to-state  disputes  under Canada’s  free  trade agreements (“FTAs”) in order to...

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The uOttawa-Queen's Joint Clinic carried out two projects on Trade and Gender for the International Trade Center (ITC), Geneva. 


The Joint Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment was endorsed at the WTO Ministerial...

Memorandum to UNCTAD 

Executive Summary

This is an abstract of a Memorandum to UNCTAD by Bahakal Yimer, Nicolas Cisneros, Laura Bisiani, Rahul Donde. The full work can be downloaded in pdf format here. 

This memorandum is the outcome of the research topic submitted by the...

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