Short Summary

(Summary of a Confidential project for a Government Entity)*

This memorandum seeks to provide an overview and analysis of the alternative options available to a Government in relation to the high tariffs that are currently in place for the manufacturing se...

April 23, 2018

(Note: This confidential project is the work of Hélio Eduardo de Paiva Araújo, Melchior Jordan Kuo, and John Nyanje (The Graduate Institute, Geneva))

Non-Confidential Summary

Acceding to the WTO is a positive project that can help Least Developed Countries (“LDC”) govern...

This is a policy paper that recommends Lebanon to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative ("EITI"). EITI can benefit Lebanon by providing transparency in Lebanon’s industrial sector to achieve public interest. It further could improve Lebanon’s economy,...

This is a short public summary of a paper produced for the University of Barcelona’s international economic law clinic. The full paper develops a legal analysis on the international legal consequences of possible irregularities in the adherence of a country (“X”) to th...

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